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John O’Connor (1760-1802) – was a doctor. He came from Ireland to Poland and in 1785 became the court physician of Prince Maciej Radziwill family. In the years 1799/1800 led the Department of Medicine at the Vilnius University. Prince Maciej Radziwiłł (1749 – 1800) was a Polish-Lithuanian noble, composer and librettist. Around 1780 he lived at Nieśwież, the house of Karol Radziwiłł, governor of VilniusProvince, who maintained a company of actors, musicians and dancers.435px-Maciej_Radziwiłł Radziwiłł was owner of Szydłowiec, Grand Podkomorzy of Lithuania since 1786, and castellan of Vilnius since 1788. He moved to the town of Vilnius where he composed some instrumental and orchestral music and was awarded with the Order of the White Eagle on February 18, 1788.